A Matchmaker for
Technology Innovators

A platform for connecting technology supply and demand using physical and virtual matchmakings OpporNet knows the role of trust in business collaboration

A Network of
Innovation Networks

Create your own network; organize members and functions; and connect with other networks.

A Digital Solution:

Network owners who seek to improve their relationships with other innovation ecosystems;
Start-ups who seek partners to commercialize their technologies;
Large enterprises and incumbent firm who seek competitiveness through new technologies;
Investors who seek investment opportunities in future industries.

Trustworthy collaboration

Finding potential partners and evaluating them according to updated and reliable information are necessary conditions of establishing a collaboration based on mutual trust. It is of great importance that members find the accurate profiles of the actors of a relevant innovation ecosystem, and assess the reliability of their potential partners based on various parameters; which, obviously, provides a clear picture of their future business.

Enhanced connectivity

Numerous national and regional innovation ecosystems are currently in operation all around the world; without connecting to which, many businesses will not succeed. Using intelligent algorithms will help business owners find the best partners in these networks, and perfectly match their needs with their partners’ capabilities.

The big idea

Power your network

OpporNet is aimed at developing a platform for the owners of all types of knowledge, innovation, and business networks, so that they can organize the members and relationships of the networks, provide a clear picture of the networks at the global level, and also develop the networks by connecting with other national and regional ecosystems based on mutual trust. The key actors of innovation ecosystems, including academics, start-ups, and SMEs, can find perfectly suitable networks for their purposes on this platform and candidate themselves as actors in their preferred networks.



The matchmaking platform addresses the needs of innovation ecosystem members, including researchers, start-ups, new technology-based firms, SMEs, and incumbent firms. In this platform, various kinds of supply and demand are exchanged for matchmaking purposes, such as knowledge, capacity, technology, IP, help, and investors.

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This platform facilitates communication and collaboration with other networks from around the world, and pursues negotiations until the establishment of business partnerships, which clearly strengthens the network and also provides opportunities for the development of its members by creating a more competitive environment.

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The special features of OpporNet, which enable a network administrator to lead the network toward its goals, include: creating standard profiles for members, monitoring network and members’ interactions, identifying dynamics across the network, managing various events, supervising virtual working groups, and performing network promotion.

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Learning about science, technology, and innovation opportunities, the commercial and industrial potential of new technologies, and pioneering organizations, universities, research centers, and companies involved in national and regional ecosystems worldwide, creates many opportunities for business owners to make numerous quality relationships and develop their businesses.

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Feel Connected To the Nanotechnology World


Nano Organization from 32 Countries


Nano Companies from 56 Countries


Universities in Nano from 53 Countries


Pilot plants from 19 Countries


Nanotechnology Products


EU Nanotechnology Projects


Nano-related Standards


Nano Events

News & Events

Finding out about the most important events and developments of innovation ecosystems in the field of emerging technologies helps business owners not to get lost in the chaotic world of information.


Invitation to the European Nanomedicine Pavilion at CIME Exhibition 2019

The 10th China (Taizhou) ‎International ‎Medical Expo 2019 (CIME) is hosting by the Jiangsu Provincial government from September 18 to 20 at China Medical City (CMC).


A Network of Networks;
A Platform for Integrated Cooperation between Various Ecosystems

With emerging technologies advancing so rapidly, a growing number of networks are being established every day. These networks have differences and similarities at the same time.


Networking, Communication, Matchmaking, and Visioning, All-in-One.

Looking for a business partner?
An investor, international collaboration?
Tired of worrying about the first impression?
Desperate to find a comprehensive network of expertise?


A Business Matchmaking Event in Machine Vision

a three-day business matchmaking event being held from 6th to 8th November 2018 at the Messe Stuttgart in Germany.

Success Stories


European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs

Bridging the gap among Pilot Production Facilities other possible actors


A platform to promote R&D+I in the cross-border cooperation area of Portugal and Spain

Transform the cross-border cooperation POCTEP area into an international strategic actor

Every great business starts with deep listening

Feedbacks, comments, suggestions, and innovative ideas of the partners and customers of OpporNet have always been assisting the OpporNet team in continuously improving this platform to ensure the best possible service.

OpporNet is a true digital platform with many unique features, which integrates the sharing of business ideas on a social network with a modern search engine. This platform is the best choice for:
Integration of networks;
sharing business ideas;
building synergistic relationships.


An effective tool for creating a separate, super-secure network for sharing data according to special policies and procedures.
Adding content;
creating a personal profile;
creating several legal profiles;
creating groups and pages;
adding projects.


OpporNet FAQ’s

Regional/national policymakers
Government sector/public bodies
Research institutes and academia
Private profit sector/SMEs/LEs
cluster/network managers
Individual researchers

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OpporNet has been designed and customized based on the Onvega technology (used in the first generations of GDMS and VegaRise developed from Scratch in Sweden 2010-2014). This project has been developed and improved by long-term cooperation between INL (Intentional Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal) and Onvega AB (the creator of an information management tool for projects/organizations, Sweden) since 2016.
INL: The INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, located in Braga-Portugal was founded by the governments of Portugal and Spain to perform interdisciplinary research, deploy and articulate nanotechnology for the benefit of society.
Onvega: The Swedish-based company, Onvega, offers a responsive data management tool for projects/organizations. The solution combines big data coming from different teams, integrating them into one visual information platform.

Keeping the network alive is of great importance; thus, OpporNet has been following a long long-term sustainability strategy in this respect. Indeed, OpporNet is a multilayer participatory platform that allows members to share information based on a many-to-many communication paradigm, and up-to-date data comes through the cooperation of the actors in this participatory network. OpporNet network is connected to a number of other networks such as EPPN, Nano H2020, and nanoGateway, whose public information and statistical data are also available to OpporNet members. As 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey clearly explains, it goes without saying, “You may find it difficult to share knowledge with other companies, and you may prefer acquisitions. But look for ways to bridge this gap – perhaps with technical standards – so that you can profit from being part of digital ecosystems, even if you don’t fully control the entire value chain.”

Yes, data transfer and data connection are possible both offline and through web service.

offering filtered high-level information for knowledge-based intelligence and decision processes;
facilitating the cooperation of practitioners, engineers, and scientists for providing knowledge in the fields of nanotechnologies and advanced materials;
enabling members to provide expertise and production;
offering matchmaking services which bring technology providers into contact with technology up-takers;
building up a participatory business network relating to innovations in the manufacturing sector, developed based on nanotechnologies and advanced materials;
promoting the sharing of ideas;
connecting to right pilot projects and value chains;
connecting to financing instruments and investors;
Facilitating and accelerating product development.

No, there is no strict limit to the number of OpporNet users.

At OpporNet, the back office plays a key role internally; it supports market forces and performs administrative duties such as marketing, data management, operations support, as well as customer-facing roles, customer-support call centers, etc. The figure below illustrates our methodology for building customer trust.

About Us

OpporNet, which lays the foundations for making Nano-knowledge literally “digital,” is a true fully digital comprehensive platform that allows instant knowledge-based decisions, enabling the rapid deployment of Nano-knowledge which serves as sustainable societal development. OpporNet enables industries to make the most secure, reliable, and risk-free decisions in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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