• Feel Connected

    Community and networking between all possible actors in a dynamic business ecosystem.

    A platform for:
    --- Connecting people, business, ideas, resources.
    --- Enabling to provide expertise and productions.
    --- Finding investment opportunities.

  • Collaborative Network

    The network of networks for integrating and sharing economy ideas with a modern search engine for:

    --- Sharing of ideas, good practices,
    --- Promoting services online,
    --- Connecting with potential partners.

  • Virtual Matchmaking

    To present and explore products and the latest technologies in the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience.

    To promote economic and trade cooperation between enterprises, research institutes, and high-level innovative technologies.
    To build “Technology Road” to strengthen and deepen communication.

  • Best Practice Case

    European Network For Pilot Production Facilities And Innovation Hubs (EPPN) is an Interactive Marketplace for bridging pilot lines production facilities and industry users.

    The project has received funding from the EU programme H2020.

    Available at www.eppn.eu


Networking, Communication, Matchmaking, and Visioning, All-in-One.

Looking for a business partner?
An investor, international collaboration?
Tired of worrying about the first impression?
Desperate to find a comprehensive network of expertise?

OpporNet is the Panacea!

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