It's not only about Networking
but Value Creation and Synergies


Oppornet is a true digital unique platform integrating social network 


and sharing economy ideas with a modern search engine.


OpporNet network is connected to a number of networks, whose public information and statistical


data are also available to OpporNet members.


An associated platform for


---  Making collaborative media,

---  Sharing of ideas,

---  Good practices,

---  Promoting services,

---  Connecting with potential partners,

---  Finding investment opportunities.



A solution for


---  Networking: Lead and strength the innovation network among diverse partners

---  Matchmaking: Facilitate cross-border access, to specialized facilities and expertise.

---  Communicating: Provide a common interactive and participatory digital platform.



filereader.php?p1=main_2668b5501f197d9c5  Targeted stakeholders


---  Regional/national policymakers

---  Government sector/ Public bodies

---  Industries/projects/facilities

---  Research Institutes and Academia

---  Private Profit Sector/SMEs/LEs

---  Cluster/networks managers

---  Individual researchers/Students

---  Investors business angels


filereader.php?p1=main_8c2da13fe994d9ed6  Practical value 


---  Faster and better access to external knowledge/the expertise of others

---  Improved information sharing

---  Generates leads for potential customers to express interest in business and products

---  Helps Connect with Other Businesses

---  Helps refine existing products and services 

---  Helps source new ideas / Incoporate high value nano-based solutions into business

---  Improved collaboration and innovation opportunities

---  Reduced duplication of effort

---  Makes it Easier to Generate Business.


filereader.php?p1=main_7345abe2c511aa0ab  The capabilities


---  Offer extracted filtered high-level information for knowledge-based intelligence and decision processes.

---  Enable participation of practitioners, engineers and scientists for providing knowledge.

---  Enable members to provide expertise and productions.

---  Facilitate match-making services allowing technology providers to engage with technology up-takers.

---  Build a participatory Business Network relating to innovations in the manufacturing sector.

---  Promote the sharing of ideas, connecting to right partners, projects and value-chains.

---  Connecting with financing instruments and investors facilitating and accelerating products development.















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