RFID Manufacturing (New)

Industries : Electronics,Nano-materials

Design and Packaging of Semiconductor Chips (New)

Industries : Automotive,Electronics

Transparent Conductive Materials and Printing Technology/Capacitive Touch (New)

Industries : Nano-materials,Electronics

Development of Carbon-Fiber-Based Sizing Agent for Reinforcement of PP Resin (New)

Technology areas : Paint and Resin

Microwave Absorbent for Improving the Processability of PP and PA (New)

Technology areas : Paint and Resin

New Continuous Polymerization Process of Semi-Aromatic Polyamide (New)

Industries : Automotive

Technology areas : Paint and Resin

Development of Lightweight Polymer Materials for Automotive/Household Appliances (New)

Industries : Home Appliances,Automotive

New Re-oxygenation Technology for Black-odorous Water (New)

Industries : Water and environment

BMS Technology and Life-Cycle Management of Energy Storage Battery (New)

Industries : Renewable Energies

Technology of Cascade Utilization of Retired Battery (New)

Industries : Renewable Energies

Key All-waveband, Low Irritation and Ultraviolet Resistant Technology (for Cosmetic Products (New)

Industries : Cosmetic industry

R & D of Anti-aging Cosmetic Technology Based on Biological Polypeptide (for Cosmetic Products) (New)

Industries : Cosmetic industry

Enzymatic Extraction Technology (For the Extraction of Traditional Chinese Medicine) (New)

Industries : Medicine and health

Endoscopic Technology (New)

Industries : Medicine and health

New Materials for Lithium-ion Battery and Functional Materials for Daily Chemical (New)

Industries : Renewable Energies

Modification Technology of Polymer Materials, Modification Technology of Chemical Fiber (New)

Industries : Textile

Floor Heating and Wall Hanging Stove Involved Nano Rare Earth (New)

Industries : Nano-materials

Water Circulation Heating System of Alternative-fuel Vehicle involved Nano Rare Earth (New)

Impacts of quenched amorphous strip properties on annealing processes (New)

Research and Control on Boron Nitride Nozzle Deformation Caused by Thermal Expansion and Amorphous Material Technological Con (New)

Industries : Metal Industry